Healthy for you, your family and the planet.

World’s only 100% Certified Organic & Carbon Neutral Latex customised sleeping products.

Sleep is meant to be a time of healing and restoration.
With the right bedding–organic bedding–that is not laced with toxins or created with toxins, your sleep will be healthy and restorative. The problem is that many mattresses and pillows today are created using toxic substances. The off-gassing that takes place from these petroleum-based products can last for years.

Sleep Made to Measure™ Pillows, Mattresses and Baby Products are custom created for your body and your lifestyle. They are made from 100 percent natural, organic latex foam. Encased in organic cotton, they are GOLs and GOTs certified and offer you a healthier alternative to the petroleum-based products you may be using now.

Experience the difference that organic latex can make in your life.
Get the kind of rest you’ve been looking for with Sleep Made to Measure™.

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