Establishing a Bedtime Routine to Help With Sleep

Establishing a bedtime routine

Establishing bedtime routines are one of the handiest parenting techniques to use when teaching your young children about the importance of bedtime. A routine or set pattern of doing things before bed means that the child will have a time of settling their mind and body into falling asleep easily. Bedtime routines are not just for young children. Adults find a routine will help them to transition from being busy and awake to winding down and relaxing. Sleep is a wonderful renewing process and letting our minds rest before we go to bed is part of the deal.

Some of the most common bedtime routines for kids involve calmer activities and nighttime activities, taking a bath, brushing your teeth, a story or some time spend one on one with your child tucked into bed. These routines may vary from time to time but when they are established early, the result will be less stress and fuss over going to bed. Some of the routines learned as children are carried over into adulthood. The idea of a glass of water and one story before bed is wonderful, just make sure your child doesn’t choose Lord of the Rings trilogy for bedtime reading!

Bonding time with children is important and the amount of time spend before bed just talking or sharing the events of the day is beneficial to parents because it allows for questions or problems to be discussed in a one on one setting, where the chance of being interrupted is very low. For children, this is a time when they can have your undivided attention.

As adults, we need to use routines to settle down and get prepared for a restful night’s sleep. All of us from small children to adults need to incorporate bedtime routines into our daily lives. We will sleep better and wake up rested, ready to face the new day with the challenges and joys it brings. Create your own unique routine with your kids or grandkids and pass on some traditions at the same time.

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