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As a health care provider, doctor, nurse, osteo or chiropractor, you want the best for your patients. We want to help you to give them the best that nature has to offer.

Organic bedding far surpasses inorganic bedding–most of which has been created using and further laced with toxic chemicals. For those who do not suffer from a latex allergy, the best type of bedding will always be organic latex.

How much do you know about the way that your bedding is made and the type of chemicals that are used in the creation of standard pillows and mattresses? How in depth have your studies gone about the type of materials used to create things like memory foam?

This page was designed to give you some fast answers to your questions and a few links to allow you to educate yourself more fully on the problems inherent in the normal bedding –mattresses, pillows and play mats that we use for our children and for ourselves.

What Makes Our Latex Bedding Better?

To make a long story short, it’s grown and harvested under the most stringent of conditions, and the mattresses and pillows that we create are made to exacting standards.   Each item that you order is custom made to be the precisely right fit for your customers or for you.

Pillows made to measure are specifically designed for your comfort and for your size. Care to learn more about that and why it’s important?

Find out more about that here on  About our Latex Page.

What’s the Low Down on “Memory Foam?”

Many people are concerned about memory foam and of course concerns about toxic chemicals in the home are quite valid. The EPA says that memory foam is safe. That’s the bottom line. Now ask yourself how long memory foam has been around and if the longevity of it has allowed time for adequate studies to   definitively say that the foam is safe

That’s a maybe. What we do know is this:

  • There have been legal ramifications for some companies who create memory foam who have previously claimed that their products are free of VOCs or volatile Organic Compounds.
  • There are memory foam mattresses which have been found to contain chemicals like formaldehyde, benzene, and naphthalene.
  • According to Mother Jones magazine, “In 2005, Walter Bader, owner of the ‘green mattress’ company Lifekind and author of the book Toxic Bedrooms, sent several mattresses to an Atlanta-based lab. A memoryfoam model was found to emit 61 chemicals

What’s Wrong with Many Mattresses and Pillows Today?

If you don’t know a lot about the way in which many types of pillows and mattresses are created, maybe our little crash course can help. To a large degree, bedding from the past few years that has not been replaced is a repository of toxic chemicals that you’re offering to your family–even your infants. Care to learn more?  Visit our Fire Resistant Bedding Page.

The Latex Bedding Edge

If you’d like to know more about latex mattresses and pillows and how they may benefit your patients, we’d love to speak with you.  Dr McFarlane  will be happy to make time to contact you or to email to answer your questions as regards our Sleep Made to Measure Pillows and other products and to tell you how you can offer them for sale to your own patients.

How Can You Offer Organic Latex Bedding to Your Clients and Patients?

In the United States, it is possible that the Organic Latex bedding may be used by those who require special pillows and mattresses by  virtue of a problem with neck, back or spine or because of an allergy or reaction to the off gassing, as well as a respiratory problem.

In order to be able to these products  and have a chance that your customer’s insurance may compensate them for the use of the pillow, ordering must be done by means of a doctor’s prescription.

Here’s what You Need to Know.

The Prescription

A physician must write a prescription for a Durable Medical Equipment (DME) & Supplies. DME equipment items are Wheelchairs, Walkers, Hospital Beds, and Diabetic Supplies, catheters, pillows, special orthopedict items etc….  The prescription needs a Diagnosis and length of need. A written prescription is required.

Insurance Requirements

Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial Insurance

Certain insurance polices may pay for your DME Equipment & Supplies, however that is up to the insurance. The payment is based on diagnosis, and other information.

Medicare – In addition to a prescription, Medicare requires that your DME Equipment is to be used in hour home. Medicare covers only equipment that is medically necessary. Some equipment is considered convenience  equipment and will not be covered.

DME requirements are as follows;

  • Complete description of equipment & supplies
  • Length of need
  • Diagnosis
  • Physicians Signature
  • Date

Third Party Insurances – All third party insurances require a prescription as described above.

Requirements for DME Equipment & supplies are different for each insurance plan so there is no guarantee that your insurance will cover your mattress or pillow or how much they will cover if they do choose to do so.

The Insurance companies Require the Following:

You must prescribe the equipment on a

  • Prescription pad
  • Prescribers letterhead
  • Insurance company general prescription form

Click here to download a printable insurance form that may be used to request Durable Medical Equipment (DME)

What Else Should I Know?

You can join the affiliate program from the Sleep Made to Measure  in order to offer these products to your own clients and boost their health while at the same time boosting your own bottom line. Ready to Join the Network?

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