SMM Affiliate Terms

If you will be using an affiliate website to sell our products, please list that website when you apply for affiliate status. Affiliate websites  will be manually approved by Sleep Made to Measure staff and we do seek out the  websites bearing our name on a regular basis to assure ourselves that the websites are of a reasonable quality. Websites that promote illicit drugs, hate or racism of any kind, sexual  overtones, and/or illegal activity or illegal products may not also house Sleep Made to Measure Products. The name, Sleep Made to Measure is a trademarked name. Ownership of that name is the sole property of Sleep Made to Measure. We zealously guard our right to brand our company as we see fit, and are understandably concerned about the name the brand bears. No company or sole entity may use the Sleep Made to Measure name in the URL of a website, even one that sells SMM affiliate products without permission in writing from the company. The use of the name Sleep Made to Measure and the use of the affiliate information given is solely at the discretion of the owners of the name and anyone found to be selling products using the Sleep Made to Measure name with products that are not from Sleep Made to Measure will be subject to legal ramifications to the fullest extent allowable. We welcome your interest in our products and we hope that you do well in the sales of our products. To that end, we’ve provided a short tutorial as well as photos and text that you may use to promote our products. Those may be found on the Affiliate Sales Tools page It is in your best interests to take the product descriptions and have them rewritten so that they are unique to your website.
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